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Song of the Subconscious

I am invincible

My soul, indestructible

My life is infinite

Shaded from Mortality

I create my destiny

Fate is but my choice

Nothing dominates me

The Spirit hears my voice

Darkness cannot keep me

My path lights up from within

Diseases cannot harm me

I am self-regenerating

I can see everything

I’ve got all I need

Consciousness guides me

I am liberated and free

I am invincible

My soul, indestructible

My life is infinite

A part of the Immortal Tree


No Remorse

Aim for stars

That fade out before you reach them

Touch down deep

In the deep-sea but miss the pearl

Build a castle

Then burn it down once its all done

Climb to top

When it’s all set for the downfall

Seek answers

To a question with no end

Dream a dream

But don’t wake up to make it real

Live a lie

Cause living true might be less fun

No remorse

Nothing is insignificant

I Talking

I didn’t want to but I have found you

I’ve been with you I’ve been inside

I know you feel like all hopes have died

But after all these years I‘ve nothing to hide

I had to find you, nothing I’ve got to prove

From square one to sixty-four, this is how I move!


You’ve lost your strength, you’ve got your fears

Lost your sight somewhere far from near

With silvery eyes, shining like a dew

Reflecting the light, that comes right through

You stare at me but I haven’t got a face

As you fall from grace, get lost without a trace!