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A Dark and Unholy World

The world is a dark and unholy place to be. Darkness of greed and power and a lost divinity. But it was not like this always. Or many of us would like to think. We would like to think that the world can be better. That humans can be enlightened as a whole and then everything would fall in place. A job that is hardly possible. Or is there any such thing called ‘enlightened soul’? May be not. But we are capable of atleast understanding the nature and its systems and the universe as one entity is slowly unfolding in front of our eyes. The world possesses as much knowledge as can be accumulated in 10,000 years and more of human life on this planet. Though many of them could be lost forever but the amount of knowledge will always increase and never decrease from now on. At some point of time we will understand our emotions and the root cause of them. We will understand what life is and is there such a thing called ‘purpose’ in life. The hour may be very near. I wish to see it in my lifetime. Till then the world will remain a dark and unholy place to live. And i will continue to write about sorrows, pain, sadness and fear. love is lost somewhere.


Sart of the End

After blogging for a long time on Bloggers i have decided to try out WordPress. the idea is to combine what i have so far into one location… lets see how it goes 🙂