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My Twin Soul

Your love

The warmth of your affection

My deep longing for them

My longing to be with you

My imagination

And the memories of you

Will always keep me warm

Bring me to life everyday

But I wonder

That when I miss you

Does it have to be so hard?

My soul feels empty

My heart can’t stop weeping



You are in my soul

My heart beats with your name

And its scared you might be hurt too

Cause it wont stop grieving

Your love is in my veins

Your face is all I see

Thinking that you might be in pain too

These tears wont stop streaming


May be I’ve been waiting too long

Its getting really hard to hang on

Cause me

In my daydreams

In sleepless nights

All tangled up

Been waiting

Only for you

And your love

Counting days

Just waiting



Without you

My life feels so incomplete

Like missing a puzzle piece

So it’s getting hard, you see

And I’m thinking

May be for you too

Cause this heart of mine

Just wants to stop beating


The Lonely Lover

As the night falls, in a house where no one lives
A lonely lover cries
His eyes aren’t wet, but he’s got his heart bleeding
Sorrow is not leaving

A spirit passing through a closed door
The walls reflecting on the wet floor

Before the morning sun, in the house of broken dreams
A lonely lover lies
His eyes are set, and his heart stopped beating
End of all his grieving

The lonely lover died, the lonely lover died

In life love mortified, in death a fading felling

Death brought him healing, just a fading feeling

To a Friend

As you came in life

You gave me love

You gave me peace

And I’m not pretending

You gave me strength

You kept me going

You have been with me

You ‘ve been understanding


You tought me ways

To make things right

You have the grace

Of a little child

You gave me wisdom

You brought me joy

You shared my pain

You kept me sane


You killed my hunger

You quenched my thirst

You made my day

In sunshine and rain

You are my friend

You’ve been always

Cause of you

Life is not in vain

Song of the Subconscious

I am invincible

My soul, indestructible

My life is infinite

Shaded from Mortality

I create my destiny

Fate is but my choice

Nothing dominates me

The Spirit hears my voice

Darkness cannot keep me

My path lights up from within

Diseases cannot harm me

I am self-regenerating

I can see everything

I’ve got all I need

Consciousness guides me

I am liberated and free

I am invincible

My soul, indestructible

My life is infinite

A part of the Immortal Tree

No Remorse

Aim for stars

That fade out before you reach them

Touch down deep

In the deep-sea but miss the pearl

Build a castle

Then burn it down once its all done

Climb to top

When it’s all set for the downfall

Seek answers

To a question with no end

Dream a dream

But don’t wake up to make it real

Live a lie

Cause living true might be less fun

No remorse

Nothing is insignificant

To Love And Not Show

A room with lazy lights

Hazy eyes and glowing floor

Drifty noises filled the air

dispersed thru the electric pores


A room full of unknown faces

Strange people from strange places

Bringing back memories from a distant past

Had to believe that everything would last


There i saw her sitting at the bar

Wearing a red dress and puffing a cigar

She looked at me and sipped her last

Then made her way to the captain’s car


Sometimes you have to call it quits

As you realize you are out of your wits

So its ok to leave and let it go

Its ok to love and not show

Love Assasinated

You put my picture in the book of pals

The very next day you took it away

You hugged me and kissed me like you really loved me

I swear it felt so real that day!

Now your face haunts me in the caves of my mind

With so many memories left behind

The sound of your breath still echoing inside

Calling the love that already died

You said what you never ment

You never said what you really ment

While your memories will always be mine

Those cloudy evenings and afternoon sunshine

I loved you all those times

Even while you made love to someone else

I loved you way before that

Will keep loving you till I’m dead

Thinking about what you haven’t said

But I hope not that you start loving me!

Now that I’m almost thru forgetting you