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My Twin Soul

Your love

The warmth of your affection

My deep longing for them

My longing to be with you

My imagination

And the memories of you

Will always keep me warm

Bring me to life everyday

But I wonder

That when I miss you

Does it have to be so hard?

My soul feels empty

My heart can’t stop weeping



You are in my soul

My heart beats with your name

And its scared you might be hurt too

Cause it wont stop grieving

Your love is in my veins

Your face is all I see

Thinking that you might be in pain too

These tears wont stop streaming


May be I’ve been waiting too long

Its getting really hard to hang on

Cause me

In my daydreams

In sleepless nights

All tangled up

Been waiting

Only for you

And your love

Counting days

Just waiting



Without you

My life feels so incomplete

Like missing a puzzle piece

So it’s getting hard, you see

And I’m thinking

May be for you too

Cause this heart of mine

Just wants to stop beating


The Lonely Lover

As the night falls, in a house where no one lives
A lonely lover cries
His eyes aren’t wet, but he’s got his heart bleeding
Sorrow is not leaving

A spirit passing through a closed door
The walls reflecting on the wet floor

Before the morning sun, in the house of broken dreams
A lonely lover lies
His eyes are set, and his heart stopped beating
End of all his grieving

The lonely lover died, the lonely lover died

In life love mortified, in death a fading felling

Death brought him healing, just a fading feeling