will you ever know how it feels like to love someone who doesnt love you back? how it feels like to be awake in the middle of the night, when the rainfall never stops and your stomach is always in ropes. perhaps someday you’ll know how it feels like to be me. perhaps someday you’ll see, what you have done to me. how traumatizing it is to remain friends with someone you are madly in love with. to see somebody else become all that you wanna be, all that you’ll never be. to be flooded with the streams of moments that you could never be a part of. how agonizing it is to see their face every moment, everywhere you go, in everything you do. perhaps someday you will know why my heart turned blue. its true, oh yeah, its true. i’ll always love you. and you’ll never love me.

i dont understand your conciliation. god! i dont understand you. a girl like you who knows it all should also know that it really hurts. its not your fault that you dont love me. but hay, not mine either that i fell in love with you. strange, how we get haunted by the very love we’ve always wanted. how did it come to be like this?! i dont know. may be its just me. and my stupid senses. i never wanted to forget you. but i wanted the weights taken off my chest. it was coming down. it was  slipping away. and for a moment i thought i can live thru. but you didnt give me a chance. i saw the moon dance, on a melancholic song from the east. a bloody beating sphere of red. lands a shockwave in all directions. blowing me back to square one, where i started. beaten, broken, looking all gray. perhaps the only way out is to go away. its getting hard for me to say. getting hard for me to stay.

I still watch the moondance on a song from the east….