I have decided to quit and leave. But i’ll come back and make it right next time. If there is a coming back at all, i swear i am going right back to the start. Fall all over again, get drowned in your love, waiting to be found by you. And this time i’ll make it thru, i swear i’ll make it thru. While i walk away right now, you’ll see a day, maybe in another world, in another time when our souls will unite as one, our body perfectly aligned, our mind thinking as one, hearts touched by our love and grace. There will be time to waste, in this perfect world, in your eyes i ‘ll see my face

Now my days are filled with memories of you and nights are filled with dreams that never come true. But in another time in another world, i’ll find a way to be the one that i couldn’t be. When i get to start all over again i’ll make it right, may be in another life, next time. Its been so long, i have forgotten where i belong. My mind full of images and memories of your lovely face i have cherished for so long, steals my smile, my pride taken, my ego wounded. I ask myself should i endure more or give up in vain. Effect the lives of others, give them a meaning, or become meaningless and fade away. Have a healing touch or give them bruises as i crash upon their lives.

My head hurts, my stomach boils while i swallow my own pain. Words are jumbled up in my mind and they make no sense. An avalanche of thoughts crashing down on me all at the same time. They tell me i am a loser, a dickhead and a douchebag. But all this will change, i promise, in another life, another time, another world. My love will always be the same for you. Forever true.